Peace and Love. its a short hand way of saying that over the internet
by 'Manda Christine September 7, 2007
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If you're using 100x leverage, keep a tight stop or else you will get REKT with -100% PnL.
by SkeetSkeet44 June 1, 2018
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it means Peace And Lové.
Lové mean money in french

PNL is a french rap groupe based on cloud rap
And the groupe is based on two brother Nabil and Tarik also called Ademo and N.O.S
Tarik is the bigger brother he stared rapping and after Nabil joined him they are frome Algeria And france they live in the 91 Corbeil-Essonnes.
by QLF October 14, 2019
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A group of thieves, liars and manipulators who have some members which have severe forms of mental ilness. For example, one of their leaders has a recurrent delusion where he believes that he is Superman or that he is going to be Prime Minister. Unfortunately, this endangered species, PNL will probably go extinct by 2024.
People from PNL are ambitious, they want to steal from common people just as much as their beloved brothers from PeSeDe stole in the last 30 years.

We believe that our leader from PNL, the one which has the name similar to a really powerful Easter egg, is our savior, our Messiah, we are willing to follow him even though all of us dissapear. We are not dumb, we are not a bunch of clueless sheep with no brain, we are PNL. "Romanians should know this"
by Boss of PNL November 5, 2021
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is Shahima's boyfriend he loves her soon he is going to ask her in marriage
Nos pnl is so woowwww
by Jesuisamelallouache November 22, 2021
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