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A unheard of name that is sometimes mistaken for pluto, flute, suit when said out loud.
"Hey did you know that new restaurant is called Plute."

"Oh I thought its was pluto, my bad..."
by Nyahmofo April 29, 2010
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Plutes means obsolete or unimportant. Like the (former) planet pluto that, according to astronomists is not important enough to be a planet.

Plutes refers to something that, at one time, may have been considered significant but no longer is.

The words "plutes" is thought to have originated in Spokane, WA and quickly spread throughout the northwest and the rest of the United States. According to current statistics, plutes is not yet being used outside the US.
Kim Kardashian's idea of marriage is totes plutes.

Pleather pants, although cool in the early 2000's, are far too plutes to be worn today.
by Jmum November 13, 2011
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Food, or most commonly food that makes you gain weight. Short for Plutiebum
I ate so much plute yesterday, I think I'm becoming a plutiebum!
Who ate my Plute?
by Casey Daiz May 10, 2005
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The flesh that joins the shaft of the penis to teh testes.
Sean: I showered this morning and even at 3 o clock my plute was still wet!
by lummy April 17, 2007
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