To be the victim of a plum throwing incident.
I was walking down the street then all of a sudden I got plumed.
by Loopt March 1, 2017
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(to a freshman) Your plume is on backwards.
(not possiblt)
by Shangri August 6, 2004
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The absolute best part of a marching band uniform. Plumes are usually fluffy and they add about a foot to your height. Plumes come in nearly any colour, and some lucky bands even get sparkles in theirs.
"You are wearing the <opposite gender> plume!"

"Your plume is on backwards!"
by _brealondon_ September 2, 2017
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n. A feathery object that makes your band hat about a foot higher than it is to begin with. Often used to trick the freshmen by telling them it's on backwards. If one starts to have an odor, it never goes away.
as a freshmen "Is my plume on backwards? why does it smell so bad?"

as a senior "Your plume is on backwards, and no, it isn't suppose to smell"
by sdfa March 8, 2005
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The frenglish word meaning to pluck the feathers off of lark, which is a type of bird. like in the song, "Alouette (lark) je te plumerai!"
i captured this lark the other day and I was about to start pluming it and it flew away!
by Tonkaturtle June 7, 2011
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A girl that doesn't put herself in a relationship so she has the freedom 'whore' herself out to people without feeling guilty.
Sue sure is a plume behind Jeff's back.
by kisan July 11, 2008
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