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Plude is a word used by Ojibway in manitoba in various reservations, it originated in sagkeeng and is now speading throughout manitoba and canada. Plude is the meaning of penis in the soto community.
plude was made for frog
by Viddy Zaza March 08, 2009
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A frothy mixture of jizz and period blood. It is usually pink.
"Damn, me and my girl were fucking in a pool and the water was pink, from the plude we created!"

"Nice man."
by Samuel Sanudo May 27, 2015
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The other name for the "Sweat drops" emoji. Pludes is used when you're expressing fear, nervousness or uneasiness.
Oh God! I mistakenly bought the inappropriate book for my little sister! (Pludes)
by Lasanra December 10, 2016
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a plude is basically a creeper/goon/dumbass who looks like an idiot in any social setting. it can also be an annoying person or just a general insult
by olivia and sasha December 13, 2005
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Being extremely obnoxious and talking at extremely high volumes without even realizing it. Oh yeah, and you're usually really unattractive.
Damn, that girl is a plude!
by Tony Lorusso April 28, 2004
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1. (Proper Noun) A rare to very rare surname, originating from the Brittany region of France, dialectually meaning "Swamp" or "Marshland". Possibly adapted from the more common "Plourde." It is said that all individuals with this surname are distanctly related due to the seldomness of having it, but that remains a challenged debate.

2. (noun) an individual of this family name. A common misconseption of these individuals is their lack of intelligence or skill, when each member is a highly intellectual and well-bred. Although they may not appear to be much, their kindness and welcoming personalities, as well as their remarkable talents are often the impetus of a great deal of jealousy from others. They are, metaphorically speaking, "diamonds in the rough."
(Example of "plude" is not necessary.)
by The Vixen February 04, 2007
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Someone who is interested in computers, science, and nothing else. One to who'm the concept of friends and relationships are non existant. A plude might also have the random urge to talk very loudly, spit apalling amounts of saliva on the talk-ee. Pludes are very well known to profoundly use the words "Fuck", and "Dammnt". Pludes are generaly the grade assholes who rats out on other classmates, therefore making them very well hated.
Plude: Dammnt! My Fucking laptop got another virus. It Was Your fault.

Cool Person: No, god hates you, thats why you got a virus.

God: hahahahaha
by John Fillip March 25, 2007
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