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Verb: To move so far beyond the boundaries of a map so that there are no longer any objects or terrain within the draw distance, leaving one stranded in a blank plain. Most commonly a result of falling off the edge of the map in poorly-coded Unity games.
Roughly half of Gaming Garbage's videos end in ploishing.
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Ploishing occurs when an object or character model inside a video game goes past the boundaries set up by the programmers, and hurdles endlessly into a void. Glitches and bad level geometry are the most likely factors to cause an entity to ploish.
Player 1: Don't try to jump over that wall in the corner.
Player 2: Did you get over it?
*Cut to Player 1's character falling underneath the world*
Player 1: Yeah, but I ploished when I tried it.
by Dontrel the Dolphin March 22, 2014
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A term popularly used by inbreds and substandard musicians who are incapable of correctly spelling the word 'polish'.
'Let's be honest. you just can't ploish a turd, can you?'

In this example, the user has attempted to insult the quality of someone else's endeavours. However, due to the user's poor understanding of the English language, the insult has backfired and made him look like a buffoon.
by Lukey April 04, 2005
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