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a minion, level entry position, slave
I'm a worker pleeb, student pleeb, temp. pleeb
by Plastik July 23, 2004
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Slang for plebian. Often used to refer to noobs in an elitist sense.
The pleebs are at it again, posting more unfunny garbage to the board
by Noobuyuki December 01, 2008
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1. Ill-gotten term, commonly misused by those not privy to the actual word; "Plebeian" (A commoner of ancient Rome.) Spelling derived by misunderstanding of how the root word is pronounced; "Plebeian"(Pleh-Bee-An)

Terminology used to demean someone from a social, intellectual, or economic standpoint.
"Joel is such a pleeb, he can't even afford a car from this century!"

"You meant to say Plebeian. Or Pleb."
by RottingLegend March 25, 2016
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A nerd so nerdy that other less nerdy nerds make fun of him/her. (This only applies to people over the age of 12.)
Nerd: I really enjoy Star Wars.

Pleeb: Well, I own the limited edition gold plated Han Solo in Carbonite collector plate. I paid $950.00 for it on eBay.

Nerd: You're a fucking pleeb, dude.
by alxorange November 07, 2009
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A word commonly used to describe the flaps of a vagina. If a vagina iz extremely flappy to the point where if covers your balls like a blanket when the man gets so tired from sex, that he falls asleep with his penis in her vagina, Then it is very pleeb.
Dude, Tracy's vag was so pleeb.
by J-Dizzle Pimp yo August 17, 2007
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When a girl's pussy lips hangs over the guy's balls when she is riding them.
Jake: Omg that girl has some big ass pleebs!
Mark: Last I heard, her pleebs are so big when she open her legs you get sucked in like a windtunnel
by murderbykitkat August 03, 2008
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