to play with a girls boobs and pussy at the same time.
jeff said shut the damn door while playing the guitar.
by chris poivka June 10, 2008
The room was dark enough for me to play my guitar even with all those people around.
by plasmafury June 9, 2011
the equivalent of Jesus coming down from heaven and playing a guitar.
person1- hey whats that immaculate music?
person2- its either Jesus Christ or Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar.
by guitarmusicman November 5, 2007
Sex Act. When you have sex, anal or vaginal, the girl lies on top on the man, he enters her from behind and uses his hands one to strum her vulva the other to grasp her breasts, like playing a Guitar
"Oh man that Melissa is dirty"
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah I was playing guitar with her"
by Jaraine March 8, 2013
Arthur was "playing the pink guitar" when his secretary suddenly walked in his office.
by Buddha Mama November 25, 2008
possibly the greatist thing ever thought of.
Joe: So I was think of geting a tattoo.
John:Of what?
Joe: godzilla riding a skateboard playing guitar
John:OMFG thats the greatest thing ive ever heard!
by John-Dose Backflips March 28, 2009