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Engaging in the act of Player Killing in a multiplayer game through legitimate OR illegitimate means.
"Those jerks were pking rookies in the newbie area for hours until an admin finally showed up and kicked them out."
by Pratt October 5, 2005
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The act of causing the death of another gamer's avatar in a virtual world, often in defiance of the world's normal rules of conduct or in spite of preventative code. Often abbreviated "PK," serving as a verb, a noun, or even an adjective describing certain players or game rule sets.
The phrase most likely arose in the development of early MUDs in the 1980's where game administrators waged a continuous struggle with players bent on defying in-game authorities and their rules, regardless of the repercussions to the games' stability.
"Player killing individuals who lack the means to defend themselves is a rather dishonorable means of showcasing one's gameplaying prowess."
"Player killing is not against the charter on this server." -Anonymous source, Rallos Zek, Everquest Classic
by Pratt October 11, 2005
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jamaican term used by kids to refer to large motor cycles
by Pratt December 7, 2016
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