The state or quality of an object or being in a situation where any possibility is plausible.
While standing on a balcony in Zurich, Benji said to Jaycup and Sri Racha, “man I’m so plause right now!”
by Lemon-Grass OzStrasse January 14, 2019
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Short for plausible. Replaces old words like 'boss' or 'legit'
1. "My shoes are so plause, they make your shoes look like they belong on a chav."

2. "You're looking pretty plause today!"
by thegameisplause March 23, 2010
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Clapping while simultaneously expressing groaning audibly or grimacing. A schizophrenic reaction to something one find's both funny and horrific.
The audience gave Conan O'Brien only horror-plause for his monologue--no genuine laughter for him tonight.
by Catherine McHenry March 11, 2008
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Deep disgust followed by applause. Reluctant but overwhelming approval.
Conan O'Brien's insensitive joke drew a horror-plause from his audience.
by Zach Getsmall March 11, 2008
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