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The twin sister of Terra from Teen Titans. She can control trees and other foliage. Her most recognizable trademarks are her bulbs and butterfly wings. She can create different types of spores from her bulbs. Originally, she was evil, but through her teammate Glacera, she now seeks to bring justice.
Who would have known she has Plantera's thumb?
by hybridchick January 10, 2009
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A boss from the hit video game Terraria. Plantera can be summoned once the world enters Hardmode and the player defeats all 3 of the mechanical bosses (preferably not all at once). When a player destroys Plantera's Bulb (found in the Jungle), she will awaken. Redigit has stated that Plantera was named after his wife Cenx's favorite band, Pantera, hence why Plantera's boss theme features electric guitars.
Plantera has awoken!
by StylingStarlight June 11, 2018
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