When you're about to watch 100 pornhub videos. Usually when you're about to blow a huge load
friend 1: bruh i'm bout to plant a tree today.
friend 2: yeah, go green!
by cuckinfunt September 6, 2017
to take a poop; to defecate.
Bob clutches his stomach. Jane notices & comments, "Hey, you should go plant a tree."
by its earth day April 22, 2008
Sheri: Hey, Bobby, whacha wanna do?

Bobby: Plant a tree bitch!
by Sex ED July 29, 2006
You dig a whole and stick an drunk woman upside down in it. You then proceed to shag her guts out.
Wha' you lookin' at? I'm just planting a tree!

Hey look! 12 year old school girls! Lets plant a tree!
by iamnotanurbanlegend July 11, 2008
: to masterbait
in arbor day 2015 the adult video website pornhub said they will plant a tree for every 100 views, thus the term "planting trees" arose.
person 1: trying to go out?
person 2: naw, imma chill ar home, planting trees, maybe two.
person 1: you're gross
by YourHighnessDavid May 3, 2014
Getting two things done at once.
We are planning a trip to California this summer, while we are there we are going to visit my parents. This way we can

'plant two trees with one seed'.
by 1 Love July 10, 2010