A meaningless American holiday celebrating trees.
Sally: Hey, it's Arbor Day. Shouldn't we have the day off?
Donald: Are you dumb? No one cares about trees. That's what Earth Day is for.
Sally: Oh. Sorry trees.
by HisSecretMistress November 26, 2015
9 Months before the birthday of Rex Mohs
"When's your birthday"
"Jan. 26, 1997"
"9 Months after Arbor Day; that's pretty weird coincidence"
"Oh, it's no coincidence"
by Noranic June 7, 2021
When you poop but go to wipe and nothing is there. Like on Arbor Day, you should now plant a tree for wasting paper.
"Just took a quick dump and it was an Arbor Day. Gotta go plant a tree."
by oneyozfest August 19, 2022