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One who eats food that is lighter on the planet. One can be a meat eater or a vegetarian and still be as Planetarian as long as he/she pays attention to where food comes from and its overall footprint.
When I follow my Planetarian diet and pay attention to where my food comes from, I feel like I not only eat healthier but I also feel like I am giving the Planet a bit of a break.
by katmandan January 03, 2012
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Someone who considers the earth as a whole, and does not recognize them selves as coming from a specific country.
I am not an American. I am a Planetarian! A citizen of the world.
by Crucistyx January 28, 2008
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An inhabitant of a certain planet.
Every planet has a certain life form living on it, which means every planet has planetarians living in a certain galaxy.
All planetarians from a same galaxy together are galaxians.
The Milky Way planetarians are the most progressive in their own mind. See where that brings them.
by RazKino July 25, 2017
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