While doing a girl doggie style simply reach up and knock her arms down causing her to fall flat on her face and her ass to shoot up in the air where you then stick your dick in the ass...
Ginna would not let me have anal sex with her so I tricked her and gave her the Pittsburgh Piledriver.
by C_t_B September 28, 2006
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when you shit in a girls mouth and then piledrive it down her throat as deep as possible with your dick
He gave Kathy the pittsburgh piledriver last night, and she puked shit for three days.
by John Winklespecht January 23, 2007
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A sandwich to end all sandwiches the Pittsburgh Piledriver consists of 4 bread buttered and grilled and 2 pattys as well as 4 eggs and 3 cheese. It is made by making two separate sandwiches with the pattys using the bread in the manner of a burger then putting the layer of eggs and cheese between these two when you stack them on top of each other. This Legendary sandwich is made exclusively by Lil Pancho and stories say that no man has ever been able to eat a single bite for a minimum 6 hours after consuming this sandwich.
ate a pittsburgh piledriver and havent been hungry in weeks
by lilpancho April 2, 2019
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