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Degrees of being pissed off one can encounter!
I pissed her off to her highest level of pisstivity
by Trey Morris December 05, 2004
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1.related to anger; occurs when you are beyond mad but between physically hurting another's emotions

2.premad followed by violence
I am so beyond mad --this ain't the first time you have pissed me off into Pisstivity
by gemini05 April 14, 2008
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term used to describe the state of being incensed; intense anger.
If you keep fooling around, i'm gonna reach the highest point of piss-tivity imaginable and bash your heads in!
by DarqMage May 12, 2008
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To be extremely mad, or upset to the maximum. Usually when using this word your going to be pissed off for a very long time. This word can also be used to describe a mood or feeling in an agressive way.
I am pissed off to the maximum point of pisstivity.
by Eighteen-Hundred September 26, 2009
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Being extremely pissed off at someone or over something. Usually a level off pissed off you've never reached or have only reached a few times before.
"That jerk off just cut me off AND hit my front fender! I reached the highest level of pisstivity at that point."
by aseaisaw March 08, 2009
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