Technique where piss at high pressure and accuracy to remove shit from around the the inside of a toilet bowl after a particular sloppy shit
After examing his stool, Jacob took a piss chisel over the excessive shit which was left over the toilet bowl prior to flushing
by Sam J Mercer August 25, 2008
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When ariving upon the toilet and seeing previous stains upon sed toilet, one decides to use one's piss to chisel away at the stains until sed stain has vanished
I just left sme marks on the toilet for the next person to get their piss chisel on..
by Bravedeini September 1, 2008
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When a man uses his urine stream to clean the toilet. Such as knocking feces stains off
I used the piss chisel to clean up a little bit
by Kash Take May 18, 2020
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To pee into the toilet to try remove and remove someone elses skid marks
Eddie - Don't you hate it when you go to pee and there are skid marks in the bowl?
Merv - Yeah Dude, and you have to use the piss chisel to try and remove them!
by Birko01 August 9, 2013
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When you aim your piss at the skid marks in the toilet bowl to wash them off
"It took twelve piss chisels to get that last little speck off the toilet."
by Lt. Yu Han March 10, 2020
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