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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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"pissbaby" refers to Dream, a 20 year old minecraft youtuber with over 5 million subscribers.
he once tweeted;
"throwback to when I somehow managed to go to the bathroom in my dream and piss all over my bed while my girlfriend was sleeping next to me and we had just gotten the mattress and had no sheets on it and then I cleaned it up without waking her up and acted like nothing happened"
hence he is a pissbaby

~funfact~#pissbaby was trending #1 in the usa on twitter

sapnap- "dream is a pissbaby"
george- "yes, because he likes pineapple on pizza"
by so.meow July 21, 2020
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n. Not unlike a crybaby, but where a crybaby cries out of sadness, fear, or pain, a pissbaby pisses on things out of anger. A pissbaby is:

1. A person who becomes irrationally angry at being denied something they feel entitled to, even when they aren't.

2. A person who receives something they want, and immediately becomes irrationally angry at its perceived flaws while ignoring that it still has the qualities that made them want it in the first place.
"If she was really an ugly skank, you wouldn't have asked for her number. You're being a pissbaby."

"You just said the cast for the movie adaptation of your favorite book is perfect, but you've been complaining all night because it had a Nickelback song in the soundtrack. You're being a pissbaby."
by SLacey February 15, 2015
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A person, typically male (and wealthy), who is immature and gets ANGWY when they’re called out on their bullshit, toxic behavior and lack of morals. (see; Donald J. Trump)
by urban THICCtionary January 13, 2020
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