An Italian, esp. an Italian Male
I was talking to Vince the other day and he said his parents were Polish. Waddya kiddin' me?? He's from Italy! He's a Pisan!

by Ryan_W July 7, 2006
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A friend, esp. of Italian descent.
" Ey Paulie! Is this your Pisan?" "Yes, I know this man." "Well tell this prick to leave."

Paulie guido wop jersey jersey boy
by Natestical May 21, 2010
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(Pi-zahn zone)

The area in which an Italian talks with their hands/arms/body.
Make sure you don't have any drinks or open containers near Paulie's pisan zone when he's goin off about Ma's meatballs.
by SaucyStromboli October 13, 2019
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