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Anus areola that is exposed when a woman wears a thong and bends over. In other words, the darker colored skin around the bung that a woman might reveal while wearing a g-string.
Slightly different from an alternate definition that refers to the triangle patch of fabric or whale tail near the top of the thong, this varient is specific to exposed penumbra of flesh around the butthole which combined with buttfloss looks like an Eyepatch a pirate might wear.
After buying a tiny thong bikini, Jane also paid for a Bleached Asshole so she wasn't showing pirate patch every time she bent over to pick up her tanning lotion at the beach.
by BFinlayson December 07, 2012
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The REAL true original name for "eyepatch"
As the English language deteriorated over time into various forms of slang, the word "eyepatch" was introduced into society. Thus, incorrectly replacing "pirate patch."
Tina: I really need a pirate patch to wear.

Son" You mean an eye patch?

Tina: Nooo it's really called an pirate patch! Look it up on urban dictionary!

Son: Oh, you're so right, it IS called a pirate patch. I'm so stupid and you're so smart Tina.goshhhh
by ohhhwhatnow October 31, 2009
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the triangle of fabric in the back of thong underwear, referred to when it peeks out of the top of a woman's pants, named as such because of the two srings holding it up and the fact that it covers
"the brown eye"
she's not that hot but I can't help but look every time she bends over I find myself staring right at her pirate patch
by storkwood March 23, 2009
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taking immense pleasure in releasing faeces onto a womans eye thus making it appear as a pirates patch.
ooo aaargh bitch ur a real pirate now!!
by Shimone October 28, 2003
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