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An asshole that has undergone cosmetic processes to make it lighter. The practice follows from the anuses of women in "mens magazines" being "retouched," and women in strip clubs and other asshole-bearing lines of work wanting to appear clean.

Actual procedures used vary, but there are numerous products available to the consumer, as well as from the spa industry.
Heather used an awkward combination of mirrors as she simultaneously pulled apart her buttcheeks, bent over, and had a good look at her newly bleached asshole.
by Sungo May 21, 2007
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What gay clubbers do to insure safe clean sex. Also a bleached asshole is more asthetically pleasing to the eye than a dark brown one. After clubbing all nite long, in the closet gay clubbers want to see niceness in the starfish they are poking.
Dude: Hey those guys are pairing up over there.

Chick: I bet they have bleached assholes.

Dude: You fucking right bitch, they'z goin' to the bathroom now to scope each other's shit out.
by Andres Aragon Camara July 09, 2006
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