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To insert your four finger and middle finger into one's rectum ,once inside nice and deep curl the two fingers in to a pirate hook and turn counter clockwise.

Lubricant is optional
My wife loves me to open her booty with the pirate key before I give her my plank.
by Brown eye September 17, 2015
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sofia vergara knows what is "giving him a pirate key" Hot Pursuit (2015) but no one else seems to know wtf she's talking about. urban dic don't know it, so you see.
did you give him a pirate key, hein?
by GPCβ„’ September 21, 2015
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Pirate key is a sexual term, referring to anal stimulation using one's pointer, middle, and pinky fingers. (i.e. two in the pink, one in the stink)
Damn, that broad from the bar was a freaky as hell last night, dawg. She wanted me to pirate key her ass, yo"
by LaydeeRealTalk September 18, 2015
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