the best addition in super smash brothers history, announced november 1st it lead to large controversy but a following as well. im part of the following.
Dude the fucking Piranha Plant from Mario got into Smash.
by Bidoof Is A Pokemon November 3, 2018
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A character whose presence in Smash practically proves the importance of Waluigi
Waluigi < A fucking plant
Everyone who wanted Waluigi but then eventually saw the first direct: WTF SAKURAI I JUST WANT MY FUCKING WALUIGI

And then eventually daddy sakurai gives a big middle finger with fingers unrealistically longer than his erection to them by adding Piranha Plant at the last direct
by WTFrenzy December 7, 2018
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When you are so sick of your date that you eat him/her
Marc: Did you hear Sam totally piranha planted Grace last night!
Harry: Piranha planting is so cool
by Piranha Plant August 6, 2014
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An Enemy in "Mario" which is a hybrid "piranha" and "flower."It can jump vertically in one direction(live in pipes throughout levels) and has a hunger for Mexican plumbers in red, green, or occasionally white(if flower power is activated).

Description: Red flower with white spots.Two green leaves.Razor sharp leaves and fish lips.
God Damnit Johnson! Did you just see that "jumping piranha plant" bite that large Mexican into a smaller Mexican?
by ConanATTACK August 23, 2006
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