12 step recovery jargon referring to someone new who talks about how great life is, now that they're sober. Usually meaning that the person is out of touch with reality.
The new guy seems pretty happy for a dude who has no job, no money and no family. He must be on a pink cloud.
by toniwithaneye November 23, 2006
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Someone who is happy, regardless of what others say or do. Originally derived from the song "Pink Cloud", by Pegboard Nerds.
"That guy just cursed you out and flipped you the bird!"
"It doesn't matter, I'm on pink clouds."
by Thirteen gnomes April 24, 2016
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Pretending everything is okay to everyone when it really isn't.
(Girl jumps to her death). Cop: "I just talked to her yesterday. She was pink clouding, and I knew it." ~Amanda Rollins, Law & Order SVU
by Hollibird May 22, 2017
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Vaping strawberry-flavored pods, typically on Valentine's day.
My girl just hit me up with some strawberry pods, wanna go pink clouding later?
by Neat Grease September 04, 2018
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A pink cloud day is a day free of worry and problems, where you can enjoy life and open your eyes to all of the beautiful things it has to offer.

Coined by the band Movements in their song Daylily, vocalist Patrick Miranda explained in an interview that the song Daylily was written for his Ex Girlfriend who suffers from mental complications, and whenever she had a good day they would refer to it as a "Pink Cloud Day". The song Daylily features the lyric "I think it's time you had a pink cloud summer" in which Patrick wishes her a summer full of smiles and good days to come.
Person 1 : wow, today was really something magical wasn't it

Person 2 : for certain a Pink Cloud Day

(When using the term "Pink Cloud Summer)

Person 1 : I wish i could just relax sometimes you know, let it all sink away and just be happy for once

Person 2 : I think it's time you had a Pink Cloud Summer
by Lifes;Beautiful September 10, 2019
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A pink cloud tour is when an individual is angry, usually for a reason that is unimportant. They take their anger on tour and make sure everyone in their vicinity feels their wrath.
Ben is on a pink cloud tour because he realized his idol Britney Spears has no talent, and all his time spent worshiping her was useless.
by bradbrulee November 11, 2013
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