A subtle way of expressing that one has partook in intercourse. It can be used via social networking or in normal conversation when one does not want to say it outright.
Person 1- "Dude, Marc tweeted 'pink parrot'."

Person 2- "He must have gotten laid bro!"
by AutisticJellyish January 08, 2013
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the best team in the MCC relating with Dream and Technoblade when meaning, “the best team”, title it instead the winning team fact only because Pink parrots on top ‘WINNING’ the MCC.
Person 1- “Dude, have you seen what team destroyed in the MCC!?”

Person 2- “YES! The Pink parrots being the best in the universe with Dream and Technoblade’ deserved victory!!!”
by shockednf August 16, 2020
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