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1. Pinion - A term used to describe a leader among men in difficult circumstances. Known for their sage advice, the easiest way to get a Pinion to do anything is to tell them it can't be done. Often used as a compliment among warriors. The name can be used in context with other words.

2. The best company commander in Iraq. A possible combination of Mike Tyson and Einstein.

3. Extremely cunning and tough.
"That is one badass Pinion!"

"Did you hear? The Fallujah city council just voted Pinion the best company commander in Iraq!"

"I'm feeling like a Pinion today!
by Echogrunt October 31, 2011
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That moment when you think a bug is crawling on you, and it turns out to be true. LMD

A FML moment. LMD

Pretty much you go, JUST LET ME DIE!

Wish this never happened. LMD
by misspinkyperfectionnnll July 09, 2011
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The cutest Australian cattle dog known to man. Named after the opening track on Nine Inch Nails' Broken LP, Pinion will sit in your lap, give you kisses and be by your side under any circumstance.

Pinion is, however, afraid of thunder, so be prepared to comfort the Pinion in cause of bad weather.
Yo dawg, your dog is almost as pimp as Pinion!
by Monjamin October 14, 2018
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