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Patrick's alter ego in "Survival of the Idiots"; he argues he is in fact Dirty Dan. He is not; SpongeBob is. Also he makes the awesomest face when he asks "Who you callin' Pinhead?"
Wasn't Pinhead Larry the second toughest outlaw in history?

Hell Yeah! He was only ousted by Dirty Dan.
by WhoDaresWins March 08, 2010
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A Pinhead Larry is when a girl gives you head while tickling your asshole with a toy firetruck, and if you nut earlier than five minutes into her giving you head, she shoves the fire truck up your ass.
Guy 1: My girlfriend and I played a game of Pinhead Larry last night and I lost, so now my ass is sore.
Guy 2: Oh shit, did you get the firetruck out yet?
Guy 1: No, so now every time I sit down the little toy siren goes off.
Guy 2: Well, I'm playing a round of Pinhead Larry with my girl tonight.
Guy 1: Good luck man. Keep your ass tight.
by JayNR May 10, 2017
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Make the bitch sniff your cum and then make it go to her mouth, then spit it in your mouth then you spit it back into her asshole then she craps on your chest and then you stick pins on it then later the crap drys so the pins get stuck. Then once you do that u stick your head into her vagina while screaming "I'M PINHEAD LARRY!"
I gave that hoe the pinhead larry
by tiddlybits May 27, 2008
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