High on large amounts of stimulants (MDMA, cocaine, Ketamine, M-Kat, etc)
She was completely pinging after she dropped a bomb of MDMA.
by Waveyef May 30, 2015
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When you are high on MDMA

Some people call Ecstasy pills 'pingers' so when you're high on them you are 'pinging'.
my mate took a pinger and was so pinged. he was pinging like mad
by Astric1 August 8, 2018
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My Daddy said pinging means: To be excited by biscuits.
Those biscuits had me pinging!
by Cassandra Floatswell October 16, 2010
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Slang term for gambling video poker at a private gameroom or gas station, which pays you out in cash (because respectful worker bees recognize opulent King and Queen bees... and opulence never accepts store credit as payment)

Pinging often occurs between the hours of 1 AM and 5:30 AM and is considered the sport of tweakers.

<origin of term: Pasa-(get down)-dena, TX>
“Hey! Get off the gas and lets go ping our money up, or naww?”

“Are we going to sit around all day picking our butts, or go gameroom pinging”

“The dope man lost all his money pinging so now he can’t reup

“Homeboy came up on 1200 dollars pinging down at the corner spot. Told y’all that spot was hittin!!”
by ALL THAT SPLATTER February 26, 2019
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When Winston the gorilla from the popular game OVERWATCH gets a "play of the match" (a clip where a character from OVERWATCH gets more than 1 kill in OVERWATCH game modes)
by Hebshfcrjod March 21, 2017
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After a long sesh of gaming or taking drugs, your eyes are mad fucking itchy and you just feel like laughing all the time even tho your eyes are in pain
Dude i gotta go off now, my eyes are pinging!
Mate just wait after we finish this line a cock and we will go way you, ya total pinging wankstain
by pyrophobix February 27, 2020
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Cocaine, Columbian Sugar, Wake Up, Cocaina, Nose Candy, or Blow
"Yo my nigga you got some of that ping ping that stuff was the bees knees
by Real Nigga Wassap March 4, 2014
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