Any hat that looks pimpin
Guy 1: Nice mask, dude
Guy 2: Fosho, I got my Pimp Hat on!
by Danny Blaine July 31, 2011
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1. Any hat worn by a pimp, so by definition any hat has the ability to be a pimp hat if it is worn by a pimp.
2. Any hat with yellow and red fur on it.
Person 1: Check out that sweet hat with yellow and red fur on it!!!
Person 2: That my friend, is a pimp hat.
by Jedi Pwner July 31, 2006
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An affirmative exclamation used in only the most illest of situations.
Example 1:

Mike: Hey man I just got the new Finding Nemo for Blu-Ray!
Mark: No Way! Are you fer serious!? Thats fucking pimp-hat!

Example 2:

Johnny liked Susan but Susan liked Scott...because Scott was most definitely pimp-hat.

Example 3:

Howard: Aww man, I just found out I had cancer.
George: Shit dude, that is seriously NOT pimp-hat.
by Leroy Coultas February 19, 2008
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A totally pimpin hat usually worn to illustrate awesomeness, worn on a Friday.
Person 1: Cool hat!
Person 2: Thanks. It's my new Friday Pimp Hat.
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
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