1. a person who enjoys taking medication which come in pill form.
2. a person addicted to taking any and various types of pills, does not necessarily have to be medicinal. Could be agents, vitamins, tea-pills, etc...

the person usually has no need for the pills being taken, the act of taking pills is a habit, done for recreational purposes, routine, mental and physical self satisfaction and relief.
I have pill bottles scattered all throughout my house, bags, and car. I use pills to wake up, eat, use the restroom, exercise, concentrate, work, have fun, and sleep. I am considered a pill-popper.

The name pill-popper comes from the noise a pill bottle makes when you pop the lid off, and/or the actual act of throwing(popping) the pill into your mouth.
by Pill-POPer December 20, 2009
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A pill popper is a person who develops a certain dependance on medicine in pill form, but doesn't have to mean the person is obsessed or depressed, or even suicidal.
by you wouldn't care September 6, 2005
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Someone who excessively pops all kinds of pills.
E.g. Ecstasy, Vicoden, Perkisets, etc.
by Sara Fucking Lee November 6, 2007
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Someone who eats large amounts (doses) of pills.
Pill-popper Bill ate 30 xanix
by Burzerk June 3, 2006
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A pill popper is a certain type of drug addict who doesn't care if they live or die and doesn't care what they take. They'll take muscle relaxers, opiates, amphetamines, benzos... anything in pill form. They enjoy the actual act of taking a pill and don't much care about the effects. They should not be confused with people who take drugs that happen to be in pill form.
That pill popper is such a dumbass he thought he got high off a laxative
by opiatehead March 8, 2005
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A specific woman that loves to consume all kinds of various pills. The woman commences her pillage by scoring multiple double pills, triple pills, overpills, pilltaculars, pilltrocities, pillimanjaros, pilltastrophes, pillapocalypses, pillionaires, pilling sprees, pilling frenzies, and pilling riots. After her dominating pillage, she dominates her toilet with supreme force and command. She then resumes her hibernation in bed and ends up in a devastating coma, with her sexual-homoerotic son by her side filling her up with all the scauce in the world.
Your gay friend's mom is a pill popper!
by anonymous0004 May 5, 2008
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A druggie, someone who takes overdoses of medication, usually over-the-counter. Usually a depressed loser.
"She is such a pill popper- she acts like she's stoned all the time..."
by Doa October 29, 2003
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