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Do not listen to imbecile above me. Buffy is the greatest show ever to exist.
Simply genius. It is simply genius.
by Hydragon January 22, 2005

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Midbulk Firefly-Class transport with a standard radion-
accelerator core, classcode 03-
There's no place I can be, since I found Serenity.
by Hydragon March 11, 2005

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The latest in a long line of Slayers...
Buffy is the coolest person ever to exsist
by Hydragon January 22, 2005

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A half-inch tall, Carrot-Shaped creature resident to the Planet Earth, although they are too small and quick for humans to notice. They tend to live underground or in small colored spaceship-like plants called Onions. There are for different species of Pikmin on record: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Purple.
The Pikmin were Captain Olimar's only chance of survival.
by Hydragon August 19, 2004

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An absolute Genius! The greatest person to ever write plays.
An absolute Genius indeed he is!
by Hydragon January 22, 2005

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One of the most important characters in William Shakespeare's Macbeth. In the play, he is the Thane of Fife, starting off as an incredibly minor character. However, after Macbeth becomes king of Scotland, he orders Macduff's family to be killed, Macduff swears revenge. It was prophecized that Macbeth could nto be killed by one born of woman, but Macduff's mother had a Caeserian Section, so he techinically wasn't born, he was taken out. Macduff decapitates the tyrant and holds his head aloft for all to see.
"Know thee Macduff was from his mother's womb untimely ripped!"
by Hydragon August 11, 2005

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A Spanish soldier who is in love with the "country maid", Jaquenetta. Both are character's in (Super Genius) William Shakespeare's play "Love's Labour's Lost"
"I do affect the very ground, which is base, where
her shoe, which is baser, guided by her foot, which
is basest, doth tread."
by Hydragon February 13, 2005

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