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A drinking trivia game normally played at bars.

General Rules of the Game:
Players take turns asking a question that all other players must answer. The answer must be measurable in an amount, such as time or distance. The player who guesses the closest to the correct answer is the winner, and the player whose guess is farthest from the answer is the loser. The loser buys a round of shots for all players, except for the winner, who does not have to drink a shot (although they may choose to anyway). Traditionally, the winner chooses the shot. In an alternate "pity version" of the game, the loser will pick the shot. Either way, the player who chooses the shot is expected to show good sportsmanship by picking something that all the players will enjoy.

Alternate Rules:
Sometimes a third party who isn't playing in the round will act as a liaison between the player asking the question and the players answering, so that answers can be given privately to avoid someone attempting to out-guess everyone else. This usually results in a wider range of guesses. Another alternative that is occasionally used is the "Price Is Right Rules". As implied by the name, the goal of this version of the game is to guess closest to the correct answer without going over it.
I need to get drunk. Let's play some Pigeonslutter after work today.
by 2008 Pigeonslutter Champion January 23, 2009
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a person who makes bold statements that he/she believe that turn out to be completely false
John said the pyramids are made of plywood, he's a pigeonslutter
by pigeonslutter August 11, 2006
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