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Picture Butte is one of the smelliest places in the world. It is surrounded by feedlots, and has no fast food restaurants. It is a small town in Southern Alberta. Picture Butte is big on hockey, and its High School athletics are pretty much amazing. Lot's of pretty girls. This town is well known for partying all the time and being a chill hick town
"Hey did you go to that party in Picture Butte?"

"Yeah man, it rocked!"
by biggreentractorererer June 27, 2011
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small town in southern Alberta, 20 mins north of Lethbridge. Population under 1700. Main industries agricuture such as beef production, chickens, hogs, canola, wheat, barley, feed corn and other cereal crops. Picture Butte has to be one of the smelliest places in Canada, especially after it rains. Majority of the population of Picture Butte is of Dutch descent, with also a large Japanese descent population. Home town of one of Canada's best Carpenters, who attended PBHS and lived and Grew up on a Farm North od Park Lake provincial Park. Who now resides in Edmonton, and is of German and Eastern European Descent.
Picture Butte AB, Pictuer Butte Alberta
by Matsquatch March 26, 2011
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