National send soapy titty pics day

Joshua: hey Vanessa, its April 10th.
Send me some soapy titty pics you dumb hoe!
I can't wait for April 10th, Im dying to see Vanessa big soapy mommy milkers!
by Josh Trent April 10, 2021
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(girl) "i like you.."

(boy) "i like you too :D" "but why didn't you do this earlier?"

(girl) "Its April 10th! National ask your crush out day!"
by Lovehandle987 April 7, 2020
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The day you will begin an amazing journey. The start of all things epic.
Ask joe about April 10th
by Hoodoocat October 16, 2019
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April 10th marks a great day. If you're a dude born here, sorry I got nothing to say. But if you're a girl, you are probably beautiful, loving and caring.
Girl: "I was born on April 10th"
by ILoveXiom October 17, 2019
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Just another day on the calendar. Nothing happened on this day. Ever.
Why are you looking up April 10th on urbandictionary? Is it because that's your birthday? Seriously, get a life.
by NeenaS April 9, 2011
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This day is Charlie Hunnam’s birthday and Charlie Hunnam’s birthday only.
human 1: what day is it?
human 2: Charlie Hunnam’s birthday

human 1: oh so April 10th then?
human 2: yeah...
by fiestaasalsaa April 8, 2020
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