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So as any of you who read this know im an ER doctor. And I've seen some shit but this takes the cake.
One night I'm in the ER and a woman comes in saying her butt hurts.
I say okay let me check you over.
I take her to a room and begin to look at her butt and at this point I could smell it.
It was a putrid smell of something pickled, rotting, or dead.
So I ask her has she eaten anything.
She says no.
I ask did you put something in your butt recently?
She says yes reluctantly.
Come to find out she had had fun with a pickle and never pulled it out. Instead it went further up her butt and was rotting.
After an hour and a very large bottle of magnesium citrate the rotted pickled probe came out.
After she left my nurse said it smelled like pickled ass. She had no clue how close she was.
Dear god Francis it smells like pickled ass in here!!!
by Dr. Francisco baker May 10, 2018
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