Someone who uses a variety of underhand tactics to try and get laid because, having serious problems with misogyny, a roaring inadequacy complex, a deeply warped image of what constitutes being a worthy person, have never developed a healthy way of interacting with the other sex and seem to believe that the only way to get laid is to beat the other person into submission or trick them, they believe that this is somehow a reasonable way to behave.

By and large, so-called PUAs are inexperienced people talking scarily ignorant shit at each other to try and appear more experienced than they are, or have some degree of success - if it can be called that - which amounts to having sex with a string of women as ill, sociopathic and/or desperate as they are, or ones who are too stupid to realise what a scary manipulative misogynist the person edging ever-closer to them is.

In other words: they have the amount of sex they would otherwise have if they were just perfectly honest about their ends, minus all the people they've scared off by being clearly desperate and/or not very well in the head.
Pick-up artists: the ironically named group who, as soon as any woman with an ounce of sense or sanity gets anywhere near them, will be dropped by them.
by bald_rick October 30, 2011
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Recovering PUA ("Pick Up Artist") - N. A person who, after studying mass-marketed 'Pick Up Techniques' and putting them into practise, discovers that he is not any happier, nor self-satisfied, nor socially-calibrated than he was before - only now he cannot communicate with people except in 'PUA jargon', and has alienated all his non-PUAfriends.
"Have you noticed the change in Larry? I'm not embarrassed to be seem with him anymore!"

"Yeah, he's a Recovering Pick Up Artist; he's got it mostly under control now. If he starts ignoring us to hit on every girl around, or if he starts dehumanizing women, we're supposed to call his Sponsor."
by Johnny Soporno May 3, 2008
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A person who is looking for friendship and companions but not sex, yet goes about this task like a gross pick up artist would
The guy who hangs around the pizza place near the university started talking to me and gave me his number, then texted me first thing in the morning! He wasn't hitting on me, but damn he was creepy! I hate platonic pick up artists like that!
by Stoned Faux July 27, 2018
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