Hot women have a very strong social skill set because, being hot, they automatically get lots of male attention and are very good at spotting bullshit and fakers.

Normal men do not have such a strong skill set due to shyness, hence they have a very slim chance of success with hot women who see right through their bullshit and proceed to either shoot them down or use them.

A Pickup Artist is a man that DOES have this social skill set due to the sheer amount of time he has spent interacting with women, but has done so through determination and hard work.

Pickup artists, like the rest of us, enter relationships to have sex. However, pickup artists realize that they are in high demand AND have the skills necessary to start a new relationship before one gets too serious

A Douchebag is an attention-whore who uses similar methods for personal gain only, with no regard for how the woman feels.

For this reason, REAL pickup artists follow a "leave them better than you found them" rule.
Erik von Markovich is a world-renowned Pickup Artist.
by kjun1_3 February 14, 2011
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The person that picks up props/garmets from the stage between acts in Burlesque shows and helps the performers set up when props are involved. They usually dress sexy for shows.
Kat was asked back to be the pickup artist for the show because she was very good at what she did.
by Premium Roast April 23, 2008
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