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An artistic approach to going to the bathroom. This art occurs accidentally or intentionally, and it doesn’t have to occur in a restroom. When your intestinal track and colon starts gurgling and bubbling with watery excrement and then notifies you that the situation has instantly become critical. You truffle-shuffle your way over to the nearest toilet, drop your pants and underwear as you wobble over to the first available stall, and then turn around and grab your ankles as you shit with all your might. The higher up on the wall the shit goes, the better the Picasso. If you paint onto the ceiling you have turned your art into a Michelangelo painting.
“The neighbors dog wouldn’t shut up all night so I went over and Picasso Painted it.”
by Nob April 27, 2004
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Formed in the small suburbs of chicago, this quartet spits out sounds of blood brothers, to the ambient lines of detachment kit, and a pinch of fear before the march of flames for some good times...

They are in the midths of writting and recording there debut EP/LP titled, Nothing Sounds as Good as This Tastes. Keep your eyes peeled around the end of January.
they stole picassos painting are fucking awesome?!
by tits February 10, 2005
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A sex move.
Prior to engaging in sexual acts, shoot some colored food dye down your penile shaft, through its eye. Have your bitch slob on your knob. When you are about to cum, scream out "Taste the Rainbow!" Then jizz all over her face. Your semen will be colored, and proceed to paint on your model using your tool as a paintbrush.

Also known as a Picasso.
Yo Lamarcus.
You know Latoya?
She wanted a makeover, I'm all "Hell no!" So I Picassoed her ass.
Oh shit!

Daniel gave Margaret a Picasso's Penis Painting yesterday morning before work. Damn that bitch is stupid-fly now!
by Emas Diez March 30, 2006
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