A Brand of "Bongs" Waterpipes, that use a glass on glass seal instead of O-rings and groumets. They use Glass screens as well called glass gauzes, instead of metal screens like traditional pipes. The idea is that glass is completely inert and will not taint the taste as metals and rubbers will. + the seal from a glass on glass fit is unmatched by rubber sealing bongs. These bongs are most always 3 piece bongs with standard bowl fit diameters of 14.4 mm or 18.8 mm. G-spot and RooR also make the same bongs
Hey wanna come over my house later and blaze out of my PHX?
Yo thats a pretty phat PHX, but i still do like my RooR better.
by Alex mm September 22, 2006
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Ph(x) is a brand of water pipes. Most famous is the trinity which is an awesome smoking apparatus that delivers a smooth clean hit thru 3 different stages of water.

Ph(x) bongs are for HighRollers
by 1MoreRip March 14, 2009
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buster ass city full of a lot of fake motherfuckers who aint shit compared to their neighbors from the real westside(Killa california) many Surenos are moving out here because of the laws changing in California, and are taking over. Soon the city will be refered to PHx3
Phoenimierda:Wesside phx baby!!! why are you over here if you love cali so much
Califas gangster: fuck you leva, we comin to take over bitch
by SLX3 runnin shit July 24, 2008
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