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graceful sound of an erectile form (namely one's penis) hitting or entering another object repeatedly.
I have never seen anyone phwap a melon before. That guy got phwapped
by Roflpingvin March 18, 2009
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The morning fart that signals you are awake and can get out of bed.
It must be resoundingly loud and the 'p' at the end is the noise of your bum hole finally shutting.
To qualify it must also be as dry as a sahara wind.
I know you are awake I heard the Phwap from the kitchen.
by jedge99 October 25, 2010
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The dramatic yet graceful release of a spoonful of extra richness onto your welcoming burrito. Comes from Chipotle.
The lady phwapped two spoonfuls of tasty rice onto the tortilla for my chicken burrito.
by Star November 08, 2004
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anagram for "potheads with a purpose." refers to marijuana smokers who make a habit of going on madcap adventures after smoking. Possible activities include: organizing a scavanger hunt, driving into the city, going to the library, running numbers at a local grocery store, glamour bombing, breaking into vacant commercial spaces and organizing a sort of club-house, people watching at your town square, hiking through your favorite forest reserve. You get the idea.
P.H.W.A.P. were here
by agent_tremble December 01, 2003
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