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anagram for "potheads with a purpose." refers to marijuana smokers who make a habit of going on madcap adventures after smoking. Possible activities include: organizing a scavanger hunt, driving into the city, going to the library, running numbers at a local grocery store, glamour bombing, breaking into vacant commercial spaces and organizing a sort of club-house, people watching at your town square, hiking through your favorite forest reserve. You get the idea.
P.H.W.A.P. were here
by agent_tremble December 01, 2003
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Expressions of pure emotion devoid of social connotations. Examples: a slip of paper on your friend's or a stranger for that matter windshield reading "Dance like no one is watching" or some other such quip, some forms of grafitti often with an existential "lets all get along" vibe, an envelope mailed to your lover with a note reading "BANG!" and glitter that falls out all over when s/he opens it......

ask around, someone can give you a good idea

Majick is real: Simply Believe



Somebody wishes they could hug you today
by agent_tremble December 01, 2003
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