Photons have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic.
by ScottX November 26, 2006
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A wave (or particle) that makes up electromagnetic radiation, or 'light.' This particle is also the quantization of the electromagnetic force. A vibrating electron will release a photon.

Scientists are still not sure whether photons are particles or waves. In reality, they have characteristics of both, leading some to suggest that they are particles which ride on an electromagnetic wave like surfers. One wonders what would happen if they fell off their hypothetical surfboards.

"Photon" is also used in The Hitchhiker Trilogy as a curse word, as in "What the photon is it, Ford?"
by Daedalus January 7, 2004
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a kewl way to gnarl the real word "photogenic" (meaning having an attractive and charismatic appearance, often resulting in people being attracted to you) and then twisting it into the NEW word "photonic."
From the most recent episode of the MTV true-life reality series "Laguna Beach," an astoundingly accurate portrayl of the Fox hit drama-series "The O.C."

As Kristin watches the male fashion show runway, she comments to her friend standing next to her: "He is Sooo Photonic!"
Her friend is heard murmuring to herself, "mmmmmMMMmm Hhmmmmmm!"
by Dr. Dave November 3, 2004
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A replacement for the word 'fuck'. Origins are traced to the increasingly misnamed Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy.
by Mer October 18, 2003
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Pertaining and beling to Photo-Bot.
Photo-Bot will show you his awesome photonation.
by Trevor March 19, 2004
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n. a flashing LED light source, that when moved in rapid motion in a darkly-lit room gives the impression of simultaneous multiple points of light in the path of the source.
No party is complete without a guy with photons.
by hyperexcel June 18, 2003
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A breast that is massive in size
I love those photonz !
by Twin # 1 April 7, 2003
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