Philza is our father, his followers his children. Unfortunately he doesn’t have enough money to feed us. I haven’t been fed in days, nay, weeks... I don’t even know anymore...
Twitch prime sub: You watching philza?

Tier three sub: You bet it.

Twitch prime sub: Is mumza home yet?

Tier three sub: No, but wilbursoot has raided.
by ~spoooogyny~ May 11, 2020
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An honestly chill dude, always cares for his fans and plays Minecraft Hardcore Mode. Also known for dying to a Baby Zombie and a Spider.
SomeRandomGuy Cheered 300x!

SomeRandomGuy: “hey Philza i lost my 3 month hardcore world to a glitch, and im feeling hopeless. i dont have the confidence to try again”
Philza: “Aw man that sucks. Always keep pushing yourself to do things even if it costs you stuff. Stay strong

by • Lazy • October 24, 2020
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A twitch streamer and youtuber who created minecraft and whose fanbase all have daddy issues and need a father figure
Person 1: "Hey, are you watching Philza?"

Person 2: "Yeah, why?"

Person 1: "Damn, your daddy issues are that bad huh?"

Person 2: "Yeah..."
by Chloenator2007 March 29, 2021
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Philza Minecraft is the god of Minecraft and creator of women.

He has many children, and once died to a baby zombie.
He is very, VERY ancient.
by Anon#82827728188 March 28, 2021
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The man, the myth, the minecraft.
Philza minecraft
"Greedy greedy Phil"
"Worth it"

"Philza's fanbase is so chill"
"You haven't met the discord..."
by Gumpoi April 12, 2021
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