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Someone who prides themselves as being an expert in philosophy. They often look down on those who don't know much about philosophy and they often make it a point to "subtly" let everyone know how "smart" and "deep" they are.

Philosophucks tend to be complete douche-bags.
Philosophuck 1: Wow, did you read "Twilight of the Idols" by Nietzche? I must say, he's really my cup of tea. cha cha cha cha

Philosophuck 2: Yes indeed, however, "Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes really tickles my fancy!
by TexasDem May 10, 2008
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A person who gives advice about life when they're own life is a train wreck.
Having a PhD in misinformation.
Someone, usually your exes new flame, who wants to offer advise, but obviously what THEY say and DO are totally in the opposite directions!
ex wife: I just want to enjoy life, sow a few wild oats, live a little.
new flame: I prefer to be a woman of character & have strong morals! I have class!
ex wife: Class? You've been banged more times than a ketchup bottle! You're such a Philosophuck!
by Harley Princess January 28, 2011
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To have meaningful or spiritual conversation, or to discover life's meaning while having sexual intercourse.
Man, me and Aphrodite were getting it on, and seriously, that was one hell of a philosophuck.

Dude, I totally philosophucked her too! And now we're getting married.

...Dude, she's my girlfriend. You slept with her? Are you philosophucking kidding me?!
by Christos or Kristos and Kab March 13, 2010
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