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A mythical stone which alchemy practically revolves around. It was desired by a lot of entrepreneurs (see suckers) in the dark ages because of its promise to turn ordinary materials like coal into gold. Naturally, all of those who sought the stone practiced alchemy, and not surprisingly they came up empty-handed.
A Philosopher's stone would be awesome to have, if only it existed in the first place.
Don't waste your life searching for a Philosopher's stone.
(i.e. you're chasing nothing)
by Yep Nope September 07, 2005
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An ideal that gives hope to the lost. Some would argue that there's an actual scientific formula combining lead and gold... following an array chart, of course. Greek Mythology relates the God "Mercury" somehow in the transformation process, but there isn't much documentation to support his role in the process other than he too was searching.....and I think he had wings on his ankles. The Philosophers Stone was hands down, The best song ever recorded by Van Morrison. The Philosophers stone gives hope to those searching for a home.
"Man, that guy still searching for the Philosopher's stone....."
or "omg, i love this song, Philosopher's Stone" or, "Everytime I hear Philosopher's Stone I think of Larry" or "No need to search for the Philosophers Stone, its been in your pocket all along"
by D.A. Davenport June 25, 2012
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