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the first town in Jersey on RT 22.

it may be a shithole with nothing to do on the weekends except a little mall and the movie theater, but it's OUR little boring shithole!

shit hole
What do you wanna do today? Man, there ain't nothing to do in Phillipsburg, man!
by PapaSuckle55 January 18, 2009
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A small city near route 22 and 78 in New Jersey. Practically a place loaded with drugs, pedophiles, sex offenders, preps, emos, and majority of the Phillipsburg school district is filled with retards. Thank the Projects for that, and the irresponsible parents with crack babies. Mainly a Joint for people on route 22 to stop and get coffee where the pakis own their joint shops/ gas stations. We also have a shit mall you can experience with nothing you'd ever want to buy unless for someone you hate. Like stds, parasites, and diseases?! Phillipsburg is the place for you! Not to mention Phillipsburg is also huge rivals with Easton PA where even more scum grows. Phillipsburg High School also has far too much pride for the little shitty 31 tailors they posses. Phillipsburg High School is also a historical place considering the school was built in the early 1900s and is already crumbling! Also if you're really lucky on a nice hot summer day going down the pot-hole filled road called south main street you can smell the sewer plant that rests right near the street!
"Is this hell?"
No this is Phillipsburg.

"What is that horrible stench and where is it coming from?"
Hmmm smells like South Main Street in Phillipsburg with the sewer plant

"Why can't I find anything good to buy?"
Because all the good stuff gets stolen and this is the Phillipsburg Mall

"Are we in Atlantic City? I see a boardwalk!"
No that's the board walk for the Phillipsburg High School trailers.

"Why is that old man looking at me?"
Because he's a pedophile and he wants you. He was obviously born and raised in Phillipsburg
by A1i5ha March 04, 2010
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A White Trash NJ hamlet on the border of Easton PA. P-Burg for short. A Shirtless toothless wannabe version of Plainfield.
by AtomixIGN February 18, 2008
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