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The love for mankind
Genoursity towards mankind
Presedent Bush is the Antiphilanthropy
by Mark Schall February 15, 2006
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From the ancient Greek "Phil Collins" and "Anthropos"; the literal translation is "Phil Collins Man" but the word more loosely translates to a condition in which a man transforms into Phil Collins or gains Phil Collins-like qualities and abilities.
Jim: Hey, why do I always hear Steve singing Sussudio on nights when there's a full moon?
Bob: Steve suffers from Philanthropy.
by meiyoumayo January 24, 2012
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The act of tying a burlap cord around one's sack to prolong the act of sex - especially when practicing the european act of a-nal.
That guy was a really into philanthropy - he lasted like 45 minutes - now I'm like a hotdog in a hallway
by That Guy 415 July 28, 2010
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When rich white people donate to poor black kids because most likely they were accidents.
Black Boy: I just love getting money from rich white philanthropy people to spent on drugs. I just love fuck the spelling I don't know.
by Captain Kurk 69 November 23, 2010
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A style of cut downs used mostly by left wing cross dressers.
Man, i went to this club last night in honor of Bill Clinton's many achievements. What! why are you laughing?
Anyways-they had this comedian and he was throwin the philanthropy style of comedy down. The best part about philanthropy style of cutdowns they always have cross-dressers perform the jokes..
by shaun farrell shaun farrell September 25, 2006
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