The high and mighty Queen of Ninja Video. Phara is quite possibly the most arrogant, narcissistic, hateful, immature, petty, repulsive (her personality and physical appearance) twenty-something on the internet. This person literally believes she is God. Her website Ninja Video lost its status as the best streaming video site on the web a long time ago, so the site now only acts as a forum for thousands of sycophantic idiots who have no lives to lick the shit out of Phara's ass round the clock. If you have anything to say on the forum OTHER than "OMFG I LOVE PHARA I WANT TO SEXES HER" you will be banned. Literally, BANNED. Nobody who has a real life or does anything in the real world would give two shits about Phara. Ninja Video used to be a site for videos, and a damn good one at that. No more. Stay away from unless you enjoy being abused by random people for no reason, and then banned. Phara doesn't even know you and she already thinks you're "leecher scum" so "FUCKING DONATE ALREADY!!!!"


Go fuck yourself, bitch.
Phara: "Oh wadswerth, I need the shit licked out of my ass..."

wadswerth: "COMING MY WORSHIPFUL QUEEN!! Slurp, slurp..."
by Lament For The Last Days May 12, 2009
To be banned from a forum for no particular good reason.
by Teh Truth001 February 5, 2010
To crush all opinion and expression on a forum that is not sycophantic and in total agreement with the forum owner.
I tried to post but got totally phara'd.
by who the fuck is 'we' :) February 6, 2010
Somewhere near 2700 BC Phara's were made out of papyrus and other unknown materials. These objects are now called douches.
"Hey Phara, you're a douche."
by oheysup February 6, 2010
(Crackhead) A crooked person who smokes a drug called whoonga/nyaope which is commonly found in South Africa.

This drug is a powder mixture or concoction includes rat poisons, heroin, soap powder or detergents, crushed glass, methamphetamines, and anti-retroviral drugs.
Oh shit the the phara’s robbed me in town today.

That phara will suck a dick for whoonga (drugs)

The phara’s stole my clothes of the washing line

The phara’s beg for money
by Maritsburger bun March 25, 2021
Often some one that lazy and or stupid people blame when they do not take the time to respect said persons rules/conditions
(interent conversation that takes place after being banned from a website)

person 1: wtf, i just got banned FOR NO REASON!!
person 2: did u read the rules before post--
person 2: ... ic, so all the blame is on phara for not tolerating an idiot like you?
person 2: wernt you just complaining about being banned for even less?
person 1: RULES DONT APPLY TO ME!! ban this asshole all ready!!
person 2: whatever dude
by Achilles.42 February 13, 2010