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Phantom Text Syndrome, or PTS, is an acute neurological phenomenon characterized by thinking you have received a text from someone (i.e. by vibration or sound indicator) when actually nothing has occurred. Recently coined by world-renowned Psychologist Gustav Kuznetsova, PTS is now accepted by the American Psychological Association.
Guy 1: (Abruptly reaches into his pocket)

Guy 2: "Got a text, dude?"

Guy 1: "Yeah, let me just…"(Pulls phone out to see a blank screen) "Oh, wait.
Forget it. Guess I was wrong."

Guy 3: "Phantom Text Syndrome!!!"

Guy 2: "Yo, I think they got meds for that shit now."
by Chargeitup09 March 08, 2009
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A new syndrome spreading among the teens of America, where a vibration is felt from the pocket holding a phone. Once the phone is checked, it turns out there was never a text.
Teenager-"Doctor, It seems that Im always feeling a vibration coming from my cell phone pocket. What could possibly be wrong with me."
Doctor- "Hmmm, It seems you may have Phantom Text Syndrome"
by JuicyA September 25, 2011
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