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When one is able to transcend their mortal bodies and move on to an ethereal state immune to both pain, aging and inevitably death. In this state the abilities of the normal man are strengthened tenfold, as well as granted numerous other special abilities only accessible through the ethereal state. The only way to kill someone who has become a "Pfister" is by destroying all memories/traces of that being (pictures, videos, personal accounts). However, the ethereal version of that person can plant new or fake memories in the minds of others through his inter dimensional travels. This is end of enlightenment and the road the true justice that all beings seek.
Fuck hes become a Pfister, we have no way of stopping him now!

by Nicholos December 02, 2007
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(verb) one who spits on the cock a.k.a. hocks a loogie during oral sex and/or hand jobs.
brianna banks is a pfister
by pfister February 01, 2006
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