Word made popular by web-toon characters Homestar Runner and Coach Z. Synonym for the word "fuck" within the phrase "what the fuck?"

May also be a species of animal.
by murgatroid May 4, 2007
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1. Everyone's favorite animal that they used to pet when they were younger. Its poops Schmidty and reportedly has the amazing ability to order a Big Mac from Burger King and actually get one.

2. An extremely violent dump that has a force similar to that of an atomic bomb.
1. "Ok so I was sitting at the game last night, and then my Pfargtl came up out of know where and gave me a Big Mac. It was amazing."

2. "So I came home after eating that Big Mac and I took the biggest Pfargtl ever."
by Scummditty September 1, 2007
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A word that apparently substitutes the F word. One day while Strong Bad was checking his email at work. Coach Z threatened to tell the boss he was checking his email and told him to let him write some of it. And he told Strong Bad to write P-F-A-R-G-T-L. Later, Homestar said "What the pfargtl?" Not much is known about this word, because it only debuted on April 30, 2007 in the Lost Scene of Sbemail 169 on www.HomestarRunner.com.
WTPF? What the pfargtl?
WTF? What the fuck?
by annnnnnnnnonymous May 2, 2007
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